Thursday, October 2, 2014

優れたプロダクト・マネージャーの条件 [memo]

Product Hunt Blog - What Makes a Great Product Manager? 10 Product Experts Weigh In


Ever curious, open to new ideas, perceptive, listens, and evolves through time.

They think of building a product as a continuous cycle of learning, convincing, documenting, refining.

At the heart of PM is knowing how to obtain data, decide what data is relevant, and acting on that data to globally maximize engineering efforts.

I think a good product manager is Customer Driven.

私が個人的に考えるプロダクト・マネージャーとは,プロダクトやサービスを作る上で,"Why do you want to do this?" というシンプルな問いに,プロジェクトメンバーの誰よりも愛情と情熱を持って回答できる人間だ.