Saturday, May 27, 2017

Moving on [reflection]


You gotta go for what you don't know
You gotta dare to be free


Sunday, April 30, 2017

Cotswolds-Stonehenge 201704 [diary]

4Z3A3965.jpg 4Z3A4012.jpg 4Z3A4033.jpg 4Z3A4045.jpg 4Z3A4149.jpg 4Z3A4268.jpg 4Z3A4390.jpg 4Z3A4415.jpg 4Z3A4550.jpg 4Z3A4575.jpg 4Z3A4672.jpg 4Z3A4848.jpg

Flickr photos: London-Cotswolds-Stonehenge 201704
Peace Pipe: London 201704 [diary]

London 201704 [diary]

4Z3A2992.jpg 4Z3A3153.jpg 4Z3A3179.jpg 4Z3A3247.jpg 4Z3A3274.jpg 4Z3A3303.jpg 4Z3A3522.jpg 4Z3A3593.jpg 4Z3A3748.jpg 4Z3A3770.jpg 4Z3A3959.jpg 4Z3A4750.jpg 4Z3A5587.jpg R0006158.jpg 4Z3A6011.jpg

Flickr photos: London-Cotswolds-Stonehenge 201704
Peace Pipe: Cotswolds-Stonehenge 201704 [diary]

Monday, March 20, 2017

瑞浪 201703 [diary]

R0005955.jpg R0005972.jpg R0005979.jpg R0005988.jpg R0005993.jpg

Saturday, March 18, 2017

下呂 201703 [diary]

R0005803.jpg R0005804.jpg R0005809.jpg R0005816.jpg R0005815.jpg R0005830.jpg R0005819.jpg R0005885.jpg

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Bangalore 201703 [diary]

R0005780.jpg 4Z3A2540.jpg 4Z3A2584.jpg 4Z3A2571.jpg R0005789.jpg 4Z3A2563.jpg 4Z3A2672.jpg 4Z3A2603.jpg 4Z3A1886.jpg

Flickr photos: Bangalore-Mysore 201703
Peace Pipe: Ramanagaram 201703 [diary]
Peace Pipe: Mysore 201703 [diary]